Now shower products are becoming more and more abundant, many friends will find that there are many choices when buying the rain shower system, and the most popular one is the thermostatic shower system. 1. The thermostatic shower system can quickly lock the water temperature and maintain the constant water temperature which is suitable for users, which greatly improves the safety and comfort of the shower. The utility model avoids the phenomenon that the water temperature in the shower may be too high or too low due to the problem of water pressure in the ordinary shower. 2. The thermostatic faucet can automatically balance the water pressure of cold water and hot water in a very short time through the thermostatic adjustment valve core of the faucet, so as to maintain the stability of the effluent temperature without manual adjustment at all. Thermostatic faucet appeared earlier in Europe. At present, there are mainly two kinds of automatic temperature regulation methods, which use different thermostatic cartridges: one is paraffin thermostatic element cartridge, which is mainly used by European manufacturers at present. Another kind of thermostatic valve core uses a shape memory alloy spring. At present, the use of this thermostatic cartridge is mainly from Chinese manufacturers. 3. Anti-scaling coating: when the water quality is poor. The proportion of calcium ions is large, so the black bathroom faucets are very easy to scale (ordinary faucet has been used for a long time, it will be very difficult to pull the handle, the effluent flow becomes smaller, these are all caused by scaling inside the faucet), and the thermostatic faucet uses imported thermostatic spool, which uses special materials, which will not produce scale on the surface of our cartridge, and even if it is used for a long time, it will not affect the performance of the product. 4. Safety: when the thermostatic faucet fails to supply (stop water) in hot weather, it will turn off automatically in a very short time, and will not cause scald and discomfort to the user because of the water temperature is too high (or too low).


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