GoMacro MacroBar Balanced Goodness Granola & Coconut - 2 oz. A certified gluten free granola bar? Bet you didn't think this mythical creation existed. But it does - GoMacro MacroBar Balanced Goodness contains huge chunks of walnuts, dates, raisins and coconut. GoMacro MacroBar Balanced Goodness is low in fat with an ample boost of fiber. One of GoMacro's best sellers, GoMacro MacroBar Balanced Goodness is a great meal replacement bar or energy bar for workouts and outdoor activities. GoMacro MacroBar Balanced Goodness tastes like coconutty, oatmeal-raisin cookie dough. Are you sold yet? Ingredients: WalnutsThe nut that's shaped like a little brain is good for you too. GoMacro purchases their walnuts from sunny California. Did you know 99% of the commercial U.S. supply and 3/4 of the world's supply of walnuts comes from California? The whole world! Pretty impressive California. Walnuts are pretty amazing, too! The Greeks called walnuts karyon, meaning head, because the shell resembles a human skull and the walnut kernel itself looks like a brain! Walnuts are one of several high nutrient density foods, meaning they have a lot of goodness (think protein, fiber and good fats) packed into that small shell. They're also known for their high antioxidant content. Antioxidants offer protection against the chronic disease and cancer, due to their ability to control free radicals. In fact, a recent study found that walnuts ranked second only to blackberries in terms of antioxidant content. In China, the walnut is valued for more than just its health benefits. Rotating and playing with walnuts in the palm of your hand is supposed to stimulate blood circulation. Sounds easier than the health club! Once a trinket for the wealthy Chinese, they fell out of favor during the cultural evolution but have now made a comeback with the very rich as a status symbol. Some sell for thousands of dollars. The bigger the better.


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