Is chicken good for you? Is the chicken that you buy healthy? Are the chickens that you eating healthy? Bryan Marcel goes out to a pastured chicken farm, then goes into a major chicken grower's chicken coop. The chicken that you buy from any of the big names: Pilgrim's Pride, Tyson or Perdue were raised just like the conventional chickens in the video (This video was filmed at one of their growers). The American people have no idea that antibiotics, growth stimulants and arsenic is added to the food (GMO corn) that the chickens are fed. The chicken's food is medicated. The arsenic that is added to the chickens food is passed on to you through the chickens meat. The label "natural" means next to nothing. Natural chicken applies to how the chicken was processed. A Nautural chicken is fed the same food that a regular chicken is fed. It's all marketing. Organic chickens are not fed these additives. Organic chicken is a step in the right direction. Pastured poultry (pastured chicken) is the gold standard of how chickens should be raised. Pastured poultry (pastured chicken) truely is natural chicken. Pastured poultry (pastured chicken) tastes better and has more nutrition than a regular conventional chicken. There is a reason why the conventional chicken that you buy at your grocery store is cheap. That reason will harm your health. You are what you eat.


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