so what, exactly, is in your food? how about crushed beetle fetuses? beaver anal glands? sound appetizing? watch the sixth of a series of small nuggets about veganism. be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on the next nugget! For more info, helpful links, and a free pamphlet download: this vid in a "nugget-shell": we don't always know what the ingredients in our food really are (nor how to pronounce them)! here we take a look inside, starting with what our food animals eat. this wonderful array of ingredients includes, but is not limited to, roadkill, dead pets, diseased animals, rejected parts, and poop. then there is the poop actually in your food. the majority of beef contains feces, now termed a "cosmetic blemish" and allowed by the USDA. poultry in the US particularly, is bloated with "fecal soup," basically shit-contaminated water absorbed by the bird carcasses as they cool in a massive tank. then there are the drugs: antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, etc. and how about the pus in milk? rethinking that mustache? we also look into natural and artificial flavors and additives, both of which are nowhere near "natural." this is where we find our crushed beetle fetuses, ammoniated beef (pink slime), bacteriaphages, beaver anal glands (castoreum) and more! and ps- this video totally was under 5 minutes in iMovie. i don't know what youtube's deal is ;)


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