Oliver spent 30 years in bear bile farms being "milked" daily for his bile - a period of time equal to the usual lifespan of a bear. Rescued in 2010 he is now seeing out his "borrowed time" at Animals Asia's sanctuary in Chengdu, China. Following his rescue Oliver was so sick that vets were forced into emergency surgery at the roadside. He wasn't expected to make it, never mind going on to enjoy a retirement where he's finally receiving the care and respect he deserves. Once described by Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson as a "broken bear", Jill has also said that, since his rehabilitation, there's just something about Oliver that suggests he's humming to himself as he wanders around his outdoor enclosure. Here's hoping he's humming a happy tune as be enjoys a surprise left for him by the Animals Asia bear team. More on Animals Asia's work to end bear bile farming here: https://www.animalsasia.org/intl/our-work/end-bear-bile-farming/


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